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Dr Rafael Felitti (Uruguay)
Dr Rafael Felitti (Uruguay)

E-mail: rafael.felitti@gmail.com


Títles and academic activities

2000- Doctor in Odontology. Faculty of Odontology UDELAR

2003-2009- Assistant title of the Chair of Operatoria II. Faculty of Odontology UDELAR

2011-2012-Assistant title of the Chair of Dental Materials. Faculty of Odontology UDELAR.

2014-Collaborator of the Chair of Buccal Pathology. Faculty of Odontology UCUDAL

Postgrade In implants oseintegrados AOU. Length 180 hour.

Coordinator of the section Odontology of the International Federation of Apitherapy.


Courses and conferences

2007-Expositor and congressman in the 34 Days of the Association Odontológica Argentina (AOA)

2008-Expositor Uruguayan congress of Endodontics.

ACT 2008 (Argentina) Expositor in clinical table.

2009-Expositor and Congressman in the 35 J of the AOA.

2011-Expositor in the 36 International congress of the AOA.

2013-Expositor in the 37 International congress of the AOA

2014-Expositor in the Academy International of Dentistry. Division Uruguay

Expositor In the first Congress of the International Federation of Apiterapia. Brasov.      Romania.

Elected like coordinator of the section odontology of the International Federation of   Apiterapia.

2015-Course of introduction to the acupuncture school of graduated UDELAR.

- Conferencist In the 38 International congress of the AOA.


Scientific articles published.

2002-The buccal nerve and his inervación of the ucosa vestibular inferior. Odontoestomatología. Vol VII num 7.

2014. Propolis in Odontology. Uses and applications. Magazine of the Faculty of Odontology UCUDAL.

2015-Bio-functional Nanodiamond Restorative Materials Containing Bioaditives: in vitro approach.  Open Journal of Stomatology 2015,5, 117-126.

Chitosan Bio-Activate designer materials and othodontics development. An evaluation of Novel materials ace enamel protective agents. Dentistry –Oral Disorders Therapy. Dic 27, 2015.

Nano diamonds containing chitosan gels Ace inter channel medication. From design to applicationin vitro. Jacobs Journal of Regenerative Medicine. 2015,1(1):004.

2016- Coautor of the capitulos of endodontics, periodoncia, and orthodontics in the book: Biomaterials and Designate Functional Application in Oral cavity. Nova Science Pub Inc. April 30. 2016.